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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Landlord Series - Notice of Termination (Part 3)

The Landlord Series are various tips to help the owner of a rental property become a better and more informed landlord.

In this series we explain the Notice of Termination (Part 3)

Today we are going to explain the Notice of Termination - Notice By A Landlord (Landlord needs rental unit for own use)

A landlord is allowed to give a tenant of Notice of Termination if:

  • the landlord is moving into the rental unit
  • certain members of the landlord's family are moving into the rental unit (i.e. spouse, adult children, parents, mother-in-law, father-in-law)
  • the landlord plans to tear down the unit
  • the landlord plans to renovate and it is not reasonable for the tenant to live in the unit while the work is done
  • the landlord plans to remove the rental unit from its present location (i.e. a trailer, etc. that is sold and moved to another place)
  • the landlord is going to use the rental unit for something other than a residential rental unit (i.e. the landlord converts the unit to commercial use instead of residential)

There are three VERY important rules when giving a tenant this type of notice:

(1) A landlord must give at least 3 months notice in writing

(2) If there are school-age children living in the unit, the landlord must allow the tenants to live in the unit until the end of the school year PROVIDED that the children go to a school that is close to the rental unit

(3) The landlord must pay for the tenant's reasonable moving expenses, up to a maximum of $350

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