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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Government Announces Major Changes to Mortgage Lending: How Will It Affect You?

Finance minister Flaherty announced yesterday morning the following major changes to the mortgage industry:

  • people applying for variable rate mortgages will have to meet the more stringent standards applied to a 5 year fixed rate mortgage
  • people will only be allowed to re-finance up to a 90% loan-to-value (LTV) as opposed to the previously allowed 95%
  • people buying a home they don't intend to occupy will require a 20% down payment

What does this mean to an investor? Plenty!

If you were one of those investors that pulls money out of their current rental property up to 95% and then turns around and purchases a new rental property using a 15% down payment, you now have to re-think your strategy.

Is this a bad thing? In our opinion, not really. The move means that only "serious" investors are going to be buying houses, which is not a bad thing. If an investor is not ready or strong enough financially to get into a rental property, this will protect them from making some fatal errors. And qualifying people based on a variable rate payment is irresponsible and mirrors the mistakes that happened in the US.

It also stabilizes the economy (the Canadian dollar was up more than a cent 4 hours after the announcement) and as a result housing prices will stabilize across the country and will hopefully continue their upward trend.

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