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Sunday, January 17, 2010

As A Tenant, What Are Your Obligations To Your Landlord?

Do you love your landlord? Hate him/her? Can't stand when they come around every month to collect rent? Or do you invite them in for coffee?

Your relationship with your landlord can be any of these, but think of things from your landlord's perspective:

  • they want you to pay your rent on time
  • they want you to respect and care for your rental unit
  • they want you to follow the basic rules and regulations for the building

What should a responsible landlord give in return?

  • be attentive to the repairs and maintenance of the property
  • be available for phone calls when the need arises
  • be understanding about requests for upgrades to the property

This is always a fine balance, but as they say: You get back from a relationship what you put into it.

The title of this post is "What are your obligations to your landlord?"

If you have honestly been following the basic three expectations from your landlord's perspective, hopefully your landlord is responsible enough to return the favour.

If so, the two of you should be able to co-exist for many months and years.

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