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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As A Landlord, What Are Your Obligations To Your Tenant?

What kind of tenant do you have in your property?

The nightmare tenant? Or a tenant that has been there for years, respecting your property and treating it like their own?

If you have screened your tenant(s) properly during the leasing process, hopefully you have the latter rather than the former.

But does your obligations stop there?

That depends on what kind of landlord you are.

Every tenants has three basic expectations:
  • to have a clean, safe, environment in which to live
  • to have the landlord perform repairs and maintenance when necessary
  • to be able to contact their landlord occasionally

Be you provide this to your tenant? If so, your chances of creating a loyal tenant that will care for the property and notify you when things are in need of repair (before they get any worse) increases exponentially.

We have a space on our rental applications that says "Reason for moving from current address" and the most common answer is "Landlord will not fix anything"

It's unfortunate there are so many irresponsible landlords out there. We hope you are not one of them, because by not maintaining your property, you are not hurting the tenant, you are actually hurting yourself by decreasing the value of your property!

Be there for your tenant, fix the basics, and hopefully you will be rewarded with a loyal tenant that stays for years and years - so that paintjob you just completed only has to be repeated once every 10 years! (a landlord's dream...)

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Garamark Property Management is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and successfully balances protecting the investment of an owner while retaining happy tenants.

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