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Monday, January 11, 2010

As an investor, at what amount should you set your rent?

Here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, there is a very low vacancy rate. As an investor, when you have a rental property that becomes vacant you want to get the maximum rent possible!

How to find this out?

Using Google and searching the term "rental rates Winnipeg" will give you anything from car rental rates to hockey ice rinks!

Why not email us at and we will be happy to give you our opinion of the current market rates for your rental property.

We manage properties in all areas within the City of Winnipeg and have an extensive database we can instantly access to suggest a good rental rate for your property.

What's the catch? There is none. We are willing to do this quite simply because we are investors too, and feel that "what goes around, comes around" and like to help our fellow investors!

Got questions? Email us at
GaraMark Property Management is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and successfully balances protecting the investment of an owner while retaining happy tenants.

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