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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winnipeg's real estate investment market is stepping into the national spotlight

What does this mean? The secret is out: Local Winnipeg investors already know this, but now the rest of North America will know the truth - Winnipeg is one of the best, if not the best investment market in Canada!

The Winnipeg Free Press published an article a couple of weeks ago indicating Winnipeg is stepping into the national spotlight with respect to Real Estate Investment.

MMPI Canada, who have never held an event in Winnipeg since their inception in 1992, is holding a Real Estate Investment Forum here in April, 2010.

During the past 18 months North America has been literally rocked with a rescession and some pretty scary times. Real estate markets have been plummetting in many centres, but "little old Winnipeg" has been progressing steadily, flying under the radar as it usually does.

Winnipeg has not experienced the growth this past 18 months as it has in recent years, but it was also largely unaffected compared to some of the larger centres like Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

Our Real Estate Team has been very busy, still taking out clients from all parts of Canada, and finding them sound investment properties that continue to cashflow.

The good news: Winnipeg is a great market for Real Estate Investors.

The bad news: Everyone else is going to know about it!

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